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We’re Back!

We are currently back to our normal office hours. Please note that we are taking every sanitary precaution to ensure the safety of both our patients and staff. If you have any questions about our COVID-19 protocol, don’t hesitate to reach out by filling out our online contact form or calling us at our Great … Read more

COVID-19 Office Update

During this historic global pandemic, we have suspended our normal office hours. This is in an effort to not only protect our team, but our patients as well from spreading the virus. As always though, we are here for our patients and our community. Ceasing our regular office hours is at the request of the … Read more

Don’t Forget Your Foot Care!

We often forget to take proper care of our feet on a daily basis. If you think about it, we are always on our feet. From walking to standing, we use our feet to get us through our day-to-day lives. They’re strong and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not prone to injuries and irritations. … Read more

Identifying and Eliminating Foot Odor

Foot odor can be embarrassing and, well, stinky. Resulting from excessive perspiration from the sweat glands in your feet, foot odor can be prevented. If you suffer from foot odor, there are several ways in which you can identify and eliminate the smell.   Daily hygiene is essential in the prevention and elimination process of foot … Read more

3 Bunion Myths Debunked this Fall!

Bunions are a very common foot condition that can vary in severity, depending on your age, health and genetics. While many of us may suffer from bunions, there are several misconceptions about what it’s like to live with them. Throughout this post, we will bust 3 common myths about bunions to help shed some light … Read more

Common Foot Injuries for Athletes

For the athlete inside you, you must find it exciting to run long miles or participate in contact sports. We tend to be so focused on our athletic goals that we forget about the impact of physical activity on our feet and ankles. Today we’d like to share a few different common injuries for runners … Read more

Plantar Wars and How to Treat Them

Plantar warts sound pretty gruesome, but they’re a fairly common foot ailment that affect about 3 million people per year. They are not considered a serious health concern, although they do cause uncomfortable irritation and pain. How People Get Plantar Warts  The name “plantar” derives from the anatomical location of the wart, which is the … Read more

Strengthening Weak Ankles

If your legs feel sore and tired at the end of the day on a regular basis, then you may be experiencing some of the symptoms of weak ankles. Weak ankles are usually easy to gradually improve by using strengthening exercises, stretching, and other methods that may be suggested by your foot doctor. Some of … Read more

Calcaneal Stress Fracture

What is a calcaneal stress fracture? If you have a calcaneal stress fracture, that means you have a hairline fracture of the big heel bone. This is usually caused by overuse and is common in soldiers who march for long distances and road runners. Treatment will typically involve six to eight weeks of rest followed … Read more