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Don’t Forget Your Foot Care!

We often forget to take proper care of our feet on a daily basis. If you think about it, we are always on our feet. From walking to standing, we use our feet to get us through our day-to-day lives. They’re strong and sturdy, but that doesn’t mean they’re not prone to injuries and irritations. To help you take care of your feet, we’ve put together a few foot health tips for you to follow. 

Take care of your diabetes. If you have diabetes, it is important to take proper care of your feet. From daily inspections to frequent visits to your podiatrist, pay close attention to your feet. 

Check your feet daily. Each day after you get out of the shower, or even before you shower, and look at your bare feet. What you are looking for are cuts, blisters, red spots or swelling. To help, use a mirror to check the bottoms of your feet or even ask a member of your family to help. 

Wash your feet daily. When you’re showering, make sure you are properly washing your feet as well. This doesn’t mean just a brief once over. Make sure you get in-between your toes and get your entire foot clean. Wash your feet in warm, not hot, water and dry your feet well—especially between your toes. 

Keep your skin soft and smooth. After you get out of the shower, rub a thin coat of lotion over the tops and bottoms of your feet. However, don’t put the lotion between your toes—it could cause complications and irritations. 

Trim your toenails each week or when needed. Don’t forget to clip those nails! And when you are trimming your toenails, remember to cut them straight across. After cutting your toenails, file the edges with an emery board or nail file for further protection from ingrown toenails and other complications.

For more tips for proper foot care, contact us today at Great Neck Podiatry. With our help, you can rest assured that your feet are well taken care of.

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